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About Us

Chris Thompson finds great solace and joy in building a notable collection of vintage fountain pens. This treasured collection necessitated study and ability in pen repair. His interest in the fountain pen finally brought him into designing his own brand of pen aptly named Thompson Pens.

Marrying skill and artistry, Chris has designed and built pens for the discriminating collector. To date he has built several thousand pieces which he has sold to users and collectors around the world. He is also known as an artist who can faithfully replicate many of the most collectable and valued pens from times gone by. 

His highly collectable pens have appeared in many newspaper articles, magazines and three unique pen fancier coffee books. He is also known to be one of a very limited number of professional pen repair artists, and weekly receives pens that need his expert touch. He is also the "go-go" person when a collector needs a rare pen that cannot be found, or is priced beyond reach. Chris can research the original specifications and build an exact replica of the desired pen.

Chris' pens are notable for perfect craftsmanship, refined artistry, and guaranteed satisfaction of the collector. A Thompson made pen is a work of art that can be used every day or kept in a fine display box. Either way, they are the work done from the heart and hands of a craftsman.