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Power of the Pen

'Writing instruments hove inscribed every step in human development and created the relations between individuals and notions." -Andreas lombrou

When was the last time you penned a thank you note or signed a letter with the scripted flourish that can only come from signing your name with a gentle ribbon of ink? Chris Thompson of Oklahoma City wouldn't think of signing a check with anything but one of his exquisite handmade pens or a vintage pen. "Pens are many things co me--­artistic, functional, and practical," Thompson says. "They represent, through their stroke, the will of the human decision placed on record for all time." A United Methodist minister and father of five, Thompson is among the growing international fraternity of vintage pen collectors. Many, like Thompson, have begun sideline careers making pens that duplicate everything from antique Watermans and Montblancs to Parkers and Carters. Thompson also has created a website ( and his own line of Limited Edition "Simplicity" Thompson Pens. As a minister, he has been asked, "Is the pen mightier than the Word?" Thompson responds, "Both can bring joy into people's lives."

-M.J. Van Deventer